Friday, 11 November 2011

The Lickorish Surname Blog

Welcome to the blog.

It is for anyone who has an interest in the surname Lickorish, Liquorish and variant spellings or any connection. You can post photo's, family anecdotes, questions, corrections, additions infact anything related to the family.


  1. I am afraid that your research has led you up a blind alley. If you are going to publish a family tree, you need to be sure that you are publishing facts. I can assure you that Margaret Mary Brittle did not marry George Liquorish. Please remove this from your website becasue it is WRONG. It is really offensive to my family that you are peddling disinformation. Who do you think you are to do this? You don't even share the same name. Get it right or don't do it. People like you can do a great deal of harm.

    1. Firstly many thanks for pointing out my typing error I placed George E Liquorish marrying Margaret M Britlle it should have been George R Liquorish, this error I have rectified.
      Secondly if you check the General Regstrars Index for Births, Deaths and Marriages you will see the following recorded,
      September Quarter 1943 Registration District of Loughboro records a marriage between George R Liquorish and Margaret M Brittle.
      I can only find two Margaret M Brittle births one in 1918 the other 1935. This marriage would probably relate to the 1918 birth.

      If you wish to check this please go to

  2. Great information. I was wondering how you managed to get back so far for liquorish descendant thomas liquorish c1786. And if you had any ideas to go back further.
    Thanking you great work.

  3. Hello! I'm John Francis Lickerish, son of Leslie Arthur and Gertrude. Just for the record, my dad died in August 1971, not March 1972. He died of cancer triggered by the chemicals in the explosives factory that he worked in during WW2. Very best wishes to you